November 9th, 2008

Halloween Cat

Now is not the time to start panicking

Writing total: 9,307

Packing done: A little.

Money spent: Way too much.

The other day I noticed that there were a lot of birds up on the very high line, and in defiance of "birds of a feather," there were several different kinds: sparrows, pigeons, starlings -- together, all in a line, they looked like kind of like Morse code ..*.**...*.****..*...*

Checked the weather in Belize. 84 degree average, but lots of rain. Not really sure what all to pack. But that's on Saturday, and we don't get there until Tuesday.

Did the smart thing -- we tested Barb's battery in my phone, and found my phone works fine. So went and got a new battery instead of having to buy a new phone. Yay! The guy at the Verizon store told us to keep an eye on it, though.

Finished the mending on my green dress. Of course, it means another pair of shoes. Must be a careful packer! How do I pack for a 10-day trip combined with a 7-day cruise?

So what am I doing now? Catching up on two weeks of "The Sarah Connor Chronicles." Must leave a nice clean DVR for when I leave!

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