November 4th, 2008

Halloween Cat

Election Day!

I got to the polling place about 5:55 or so, and there were probably 70 or so people already there. I got in line and waited the five minutes until the polls opened, then the lines moved pretty well. They had two precincts voting there, with the line for "South of Indian School" being much, much longer than "North of Indian School." (So much for more votes coming from the rich! That northern precinct includes McCain's condo, as well as the Biltmore where his party is, while us common pleeps live south of.) I happily voted for Barak Obama and against Prop 102. The rest... well, I was at least better informed than usual.

I forgot to go get a doughnut at Krispy Kreme -- they even just built one on our corner (sadly taking over the Dunkin Donuts that closed. *sniffle*). I don't drink coffee, so Starbucks wasn't an option, and the nearest Ben & Jerry's is way over in Scottsdale. Ah, well.

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Now we're catching up on the last few weeks of Boston Legal and occasionally looking in on the returns. So far, so good. *crossed fingers*

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