November 1st, 2008

Halloween Cat

Dia de los Muertos

I have done nothing "day of the dead"-ish around the place today. I ought to make sugar skulls or something, but I'm lazy. And dang it, I haven't been able to be lazy in weeks, so there.

415 words written so far today on NaNo. Progress was briefly curtailed by the review I HAD to finish, but I am feeling confident. Most of the story is pretty firmly fixed in my head.

Thanks to littlecrow for the excellent party! I very much enjoyed hanging with people who remember when 170 megs was a HUGE disc drive and text-based roleplaying games and consider throwing on a bathrobe and carrying a towel a costume. Hee! It were all fun. No matter who she partners with, my very own rahirah rocks like a rocking thing at Taboo (huge vocabulary, quick thinker). We deliberately made sure we weren't partnered, since the last time we played Taboo together we were at a distinct advantage over everyone else. The food and the company were great.

Today I have a twitch in my eye that won't stop. It annoys me.

Cairo's leg is swollen again. Darned animals, don't they know how much they've already cost us? We'll have to call the vet if this doesn't improve. And goodness, I fret over this silly cat.

I use my "Ten" icon just because. I'm not devastated he's leaving; if anything, he's probably made the right choice. I just hope they follow him with someone who can be half as good. And yes, there were a lot of script problems throughout Ten's regeneration, but I can't blame them on the actor. I think he was a super Doctor, on a par with all my other favorites (although not QUITE as good as Two), and yes, I was a bit of a fangirl, but mostly because with the hair and sideburns, Tennant looks almost like Sean Patrick. So I'm fond of him. But while I'll always be a Whovian, no matter which Doctor I'm watching, I'll probably only watch Tennant in things I'm interested in seeing (as I would have been if I could have seen him in Hamlet, and I did like Casanova a lot, but Secret Smile was weak, although he was good in it).

In any case, I really don't know the work of anyone who's on the BBC's short list, so I can't make any judgments.

I realized today that I'm actually going to be voting FOR Barack Obama. Not just against McCain, but FOR a President, something I've not done since 1996. I'm not an Obama fangirl, but I do like him, and more, when I hear him speak, I feel something I haven't felt in a long time: Pride in America. Hope. Our potential. A lot of things that the DUHbya years had pretty close to destroyed. I sure hope we win on Tuesday, because if not, I really don't know what I'll do. Standard rage against the machine. Because it's not that I fear McCain that much, but I DO fear Sarah Palin, who shows more and more every time she opens her mouth how unfit she is to be anywhere near the leadership positions of this country (much, I suppose, as Bush did).


I've done a bad, bad thing:

Adopt one today! * * * Adopt one today! * * * Adopt one today!