October 23rd, 2008

Halloween Cat

Dublin Dr Pepper

I need to find someplace in town that sells these lovely little bottles of crack-with-cane-sugar. The Dr Pepper they sell in the regular stores pales in comparison to the Real Stuff. (I picked up a couple little 8-oz bottles at Hadley's when we passed through Cabazon.)

God, cell phone batteries cost a bleeding fortune. I hope no one's trying to call me. I continue to maintain that the whole cell phone thing is a MAJOR racket, but of course, we consumerists can't seem to stop...

The house is almost ready for the weekend. I'm two weeks behind on everything (Tivo, reviews, writing, etc.). Sunday I may just take the day and watch stuff.

Poor drugged cat is trying to jump on things (Silly had his teeth cleaned -- and many of the remaining ones removed -- today). He's very groggy, poor boy. More weeks on medication. Ah, the trials of having all geriatric cats.

Dear Fry's Grocery Store: You cannot put a hole in an ordinary roll, slap seeds on it, and call it a bagel. Well, you DO, but that doesn't make it a bagel! It's round bread! Bagels are hard on the outside and chewy, CHEWY, I say! on the inside. I need a bagel (with creamy creamy cheese) after watching a terribly silly YouTube video with Foamy the Squirrel, but there are no good bagels to be had in this neighborhood. I have to travel all the way to downtown Tempe for the nearest good bagel place.

My boss organized a pot luck tomorrow to celebrate my wedding. Nice guy.

Another try: Adopt one today!

Just one, this time. At least for now.

*panic! panic! panic!* Seriously, I can't believe all there is to do around here, and I'm goofing around on the Interwebs... thank goodness Barb had this week off. She made the kitchen clean today! Yay! I think I'll keep her.
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