August 22nd, 2008

Halloween Cat

I wouldn't trade anything

I surprised a lot of people yesterday when they'd tease, "So, turning 29 again today, eh?" and I'd reply, "Forty-four." With pride. I'm freakin' 44, and I feel (and look) fabulous. I was such a fat, lazy slug at 20 - why would I want to be 20 again? (Fairly certain I looked even worse at 29.)

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes!

It's official: My insanely finicky cat will not eat Fancy Feast. I set down a lovely dollop of this rather expensive cat food and he looks at me with those gigantic lantern eyes as though I've tried to poison him. *sigh* At least this time he's still eating the various flavors of Friskies we picked up (fortunately on sale, so buying individual cans was actually cheaper than picking up the "variety" boxes - which don't have enough variety for Mr. Finicky). Sometimes I have to work to convince him he does, indeed, like chicken. But he'll happily lick all the blue cheese off my plate when I finish my salad...

We went to Black Angus last night for a little birthday supper since they'd sent me a "free dinner" coupon - very nice! I didn't think I'd eaten that much (half my meal, the New York strip with baked potato and veggies; we split half of the big chocolate cake), but I felt VERY full for the rest of the night. I'm still down to 160 pounds. Twenty to go! (I have to dig through my old posts to find my weight ticker and see how I'm really doing.)

It's Friday!!!

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