June 29th, 2008

Halloween Cat

I made some icons

And I managed to read all the fiction in my LJ writer's group.

Did I accomplish much else? House a little cleaner, laundry done, chose several cookbooks to clear out the shelves a little (ones I have literally NEVER used). Did some grocery shopping, helped my mom-in-law, seriously discussed how much money it will cost to get to California to get married and have a little honeymoon...

Not too bad a weekend.

How does one do indented paragraphs in LJ? (I tried the Rich Text editor, but since then you can't use an LJ cut, it won't work.)

Cuervo seems sick, poor kitty. We're keeping an eye on him; he's been lethargic all day and threw up several times, as well as unauthorized peeing. His appetite seems okay, though, and he responds to petting and loves. If he's still dragging around tomorrow, though, he's off to the vet.

Still no writing done. Also did not pick up sketchbook, as I planned. Why are weekends so short?

Sleepy now.