March 12th, 2008

Halloween Cat

Not a whole lot to sayI

After some intense cramming, I think I may actually pass my next insurance exam. (I have put off studying for the entire four months.) Must get some sleep tonight and be well-rested for the test tomorrow.

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On the one hand, Ellen! On the other, Duhbya? (shiver)

I suspect I'll need to get me a corned beef for this weekend. I always wear the green for a week or so around St. Pat's - I have so much green in my wardrobe I can go five or six days without repeating anything, except shoes this time, since I can't really comfortably wear any of my boots (I have two pair of green boots, one pair in suede, the other in smooth leather). I have a bunch of stuff to catch up with on Tivo, though, so I don't know if I'll have time to watch The Quiet Man....

I gained back a couple pounds in Vegas and haven't lost 'em, since I walked too much and made my foot sore, I haven't been back to the gym. Lazy, lazy. Hopefully I can get my act together soon.
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