December 10th, 2007

Halloween Cat

And voila, it's Monday!

Fortunately, a Monday without anything really new on TV, so I don't have to worry about recording anything, just vegging out in front of the reruns and catching up on all the stupid Monday comedies I don't watch because I watch Chuck and Heroes instead. (I do normally record How I Met Your Mother, but that was new.) I finally caught up with last week's Chuck, and OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH, now I can't wait for January. I need Chuck icons. I don't have Photoshop on this computer.

As one can tell from the icon, however, I did manage to get my other one up long enough to get my Christmas icons uploaded. At least. I also managed to YAY, reload my iPod with Christmas music. Then I shut down so it wouldn't just shut off on me again. I've been playing quite the games with it. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner, now that the house is pretty well done) we'll get the new one up and loaded with MY STUFF, so I can access all that is still trapped.

Commentary from writers-group friends tells me that likely the reason I've never heard back from the most recent agent is THIS VERSION OF THE MANUSCRIPT MAKES ME LOOK LIKE A TOTAL AMATEUR. I totally screwed up and repeated text as well as missing a number of serious flaws that I thought I'd fixed already and all manner of stupid things. *sigh* Well, I guess I'd better go through the damned thing again and make sure it looks freakin' professional before I send it out again. I'm starting to run out of agents. *very sad face* Why didn't I go into something less artistical and more certain? (Because I'm so easily distracted? Oh, look, COWS!)

Weekend accomplishments: We got our tree on Saturday, probably the biggest one we've ever gotten, because I said to rahirah, "every time we get a tree this size we get it home and say, 'dang, we could have gotten a bigger one.'" So this time, we got the bigger one. It just misses brushing the ceiling. And... wait for it... the living room is not crowded with it. Sure, the dog cage is awkwardly blocking part of the hallway, but the room isn't reduced to a tiny walkway to accommodate the tree. We has space!

We did a little shopping, and I almost burned the house down by leaving a pan boiling on the stove and forgetting about it when we left -- the smoke alarms carefully installed by our contractors go off when we let a cloud of steam out of the shower, but when the entire house is filled with smoke from burning giblets? Not a peep. Fortunately, nothing lost but said giblets, and the house still has a bit of a smoky smell. At least it smells like chicken. Plus, the temperatures finally dropped around here and Sunday was actually pretty chilly (for us, don't laugh), so having all the windows and doors open wasn't all that thrilling. Even the cats, once bored with the thrill of walking in and out at will, decided to stay inside.

The high tomorrow is supposed to be 58. Now come on, that's got to be cold for more than just us down here in the deserts.

I was a very good doobie and donated almost all my hoarded Coca Cola points to Toys for Tots. (Of course, I have a lot of endcaps and bottle caps sitting around here waiting to be entered, but still.)

This week I must cobble together my Top Ten of 2007. Unfortunately, I think I missed a few really good ones; two of my favorites for the year are tribute albums to Buck Owens (Dwight and the Derailers each did a Buck album).

I really, really, REALLY need something good to put my CDs into/on/whatever; something with some shelves to hold our dragons and my cars, too, if possible...