December 4th, 2007

Halloween Cat


It does fly past! I just spent most of "Rudolph" discovering I haven't read my friends list since sometime Saturday afternoon -- and you guys have been chatty!

My mother called and said that she'd get us a new dining room set, or at least foot us up to a certain amount for one if we found one we liked; so for the last few days we've been out at the furniture stores searching for the set that turned both of us on; tonight we found it at the Room Store, and have just purchased a lovely round oak Broyhill table, with a leaf to expand it if necessary, and an under-table cabinet, with six chairs. It cost more than Mom is willing to spend, but we figured we could handle the extra.

I talked to my doctor today, and he said that the reason my foot still hurts is because my small bones are not taking kindly to the screws, and he would like to take them out. So, hopefully insurance will cover it all, and I'll have the screws removed in January sometime. And I also hope that it being in January does not mean my insurance has re-set and I have that $1000 deductible to cover again... (in which case, I may have to live with screws until I have money again.)

My Christmas icons are locked onto my desktop computer (still haven't handled that), so I feel very left out when I see everyone else's cheery holiday icons. So Homer in the Land of Chocolate will have to do.

I have to review the Eagles by the weekend and also get my Writers Link critiques done. I'm SO far behind on everything -- and I realized today that part of that is because I actually enjoy hanging out in my living room so much I don't spend as much time in here on my computer as I used to do. There's also still stuff to do; we've been hanging pictures and such; it's just about reached the "we're happy with it" done stage. When the new table and chairs arrive may be that point.

Oh, for photos of the work-in-progress, to just after we got the new sofa, go to rahirah's journal for her link to the pics.