November 29th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Very soon now...

I can return to the lazy slacker I normally am. Or something like that. At least keep up with LJ. There's lots of interesting things going on in the world and I haven't read the NY Times or done much more than skim my Flist since it all began, but soon, NaNo with be No Mo.

Words: 45,226. Two days to go.

I've been carrying the laptop out to the living room and just writing like a fiend in front of the big TV for three days so I wouldn't be distracted by the newspaper and friends postings (no memes, no lists, oh, I'm missing out!!!). I discovered last night that the word counter at the NaNo site gave me 24 more words than WordPerfect.

Last night I heard, clear as day, people talking in my living room. I'm assuming this was a dream, since the house is securely locked up and all is well with the world tonight. I think it comes from a sincere concern that the new front door is all exposed to the world but still faces the apartment/condos across the street and we don't have a security door. Now, admittedly, this neighborhood is a WHOLE lot safer than it was a decade ago, but still...

I did read that Billie Piper has signed to do three episodes of Dr. Who next year as Rose. This bothers me. I hate when they write something final, ending, and poignant and then throw it all away because they want to bring back a popular character. I hope it's explained by a time loop or something else, because if she "comes back" after that whole "we can never, ever meet again" goodbye, it's gonna suck.

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Halloween Cat

Now I HAVE to do it!!!

The counting robots at the stupid NaNo site gave me a "winner!" bar and certificate before I finished! I uploaded my novel for tonight's count and somehow it gave me roughly twice what I actually had, giving me the win before I deserved it! Fortunately, I noticed and was able to correct the word count, but I still erroneously have the "Winner!" bar at the NaNo forums.

ACTUAL word count: 48,463.

Bogus word count: 98,000+

Stupid counting robots.