November 17th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Drive-by posting

Words: 25,862

Week: Busy. Using spare moments captured here and there to write; mostly trying to put the house back in order as the contractors finish punch list items so we can't unpack totally but it's slowly moving into place. Our contractor volunteered to paint one of the walls in the living room where they put in a new window - we weren't expecting it and gladly accepted. It doesn't add to the price. He was really good about keeping us exactly to budget. Speaking of which, we hope to have everything done by Thanksgiving, and now open our home to all friends for Saturday dinner, which will also coincide with tiirz's birthday. So if you're in the Phoenix area, feel free to drop by.

Body: Tired. Yesterday my throat was sore and my head hurt, and I thought, "I have all the symptoms of a cold but not a cold." Then thought, "How is that not a cold, now?" So I give in, I have a cold. Right now I feel lethargic and headachy, but I have work to do, so I'm trying to do it. Barb is off at the Cancer Walk, and I SHOULD have gone, but cold notwithstanding, I know I can't walk three miles yet. Speaking of which...

Foot: Mostly healed. It gets sore when I walk too much (see above).

Weight: Don't ask. *sigh* I've been too tired to go to the gym most mornings, and other mornings I'm so busy trying to add to the word count I just plain haven't gone. I suck. And with the "I don't care what I eat" holidays coming up, I probably better start caring or I won't have any clothes to wear, much less the ones I haven't been able to fit in yet.

Friends List: I've been trying to keep up, but yesterday I barely did a quick skim of everyone's entries, which makes me even suckier.

Work: Lord GOD, why don't ordinary people retain simple instructions from one day to the next?!? Thank goodness the new guy I'm training appears to have a brain. This is a rare commodity in the mailroom.