November 9th, 2007

Halloween Cat


My mind is boggling with the thought that so many folks on my Flist are freezing already - when in fact it's been in the 90's all month (seven days in November of record-breaking temperatures!), with overnights in the mid-60s. Still, I found myself freezing in a turtleneck and hoodie on my way to work yesterday - passing a time/temperature marquee which claimed it was 67. They have made serious wusses of us. It's no wonder I startled myself at the grocery store with the realization that it's only two weeks to Thanksgiving. Yikes.

I still can't wear shoes. I can fit into many of my shoes now, but I can't wear them for any length of time. I'm wondering if I should get shoeboxes for some of them, since they're getting very dusty sitting there on the shoe rack, taunting me.

Cairo will not let me sleep. I managed to make him lie down for a while after Barb said, "Will you SETTLE?" in an exasperated voice, indicating that he was keeping her up, too; mostly it's walk, walk, walk, pet me, pet me, pet me, walk, walk, walk, pet me, pet me, pet me, jump into window, jump down out of window, walk some more, stand on pillow, pet me, pet me, pet me.


Last night I went to take my laptop off the dock to carry it out to the main room, and I crashed its little hard drive. It wouldn't come back up, so I had to leave it unplugged so the battery would run down (fortunately, this battery only holds a charge for about an hour), and then when I started it, it came up fine. I did corrupt my NaNo file, though - panic ensued briefly, but I was able to salvage all but the last few paragraphs I'd just written, and I saved the new, uncorrupted file onto my jump drive, and I've managed to reconstruct the missing words. So I got someone less writing done last night than I would have otherwise:

12745 words

But does not Ugly Betty make one cry and laugh at the same time?

We has countertops, we has new water heater (it's nifty; a "tankless" water heater, that takes up about the space of a circuit box in the laundry room, and heats water lickity-split!), but we still has not got appliances. They'd better do some by-golly cranking in the next few days to make that Thanksgiving deadline! Still, I'm so happy with the results so far I'm not complaining.

This time it IS Friday. Yay!