November 8th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Only Thursday

Took the bus to work the first two days this week, due to Barb's car troubles. Not too bad, although I've found that next month Phoenix bus prices are increasing - no more single-ride w/transfer everywhere you go, but either $1.25 per ride or a $2.50 day pass, which, for me, would be best, because it takes three buses (two connections) to get to work from here.

I entered the United Way Chili Contest at work, but I think it entirely unfair that cash prizes were awarded for what is essentially a popularity contest (like American Idol, you get votes and the most votes win--all you have to do is tell your friends which number to vote for). So I got not even honorable mention; still, it was reasonable chili made under strenuous circumstances (no kitchen, for one), so I guess I did all right. (I guess what bugs me is that 1st Place went to a woman in my unit, which seemed to indicate to me that no one in my unit could even throw me one vote- I was, in fact, the only entry from our entire Department who didn't so much as place in the winners.) Stupid hurt feelings. It shouldn't matter to me THAT much.

And most of the entries were of the thin-bean-soup-with-meat variety of chili that would make any cowboy laugh... (maybe next time I should make my sausage-and-bean soup and call it "chili." Ho.) You can stand a spoon in my chili.

NaNo Progress:

11889 words

I suppose I ought to find one of those counter-tickers everyone else has.

I want it to be Friday, but it's not. It's only Thursday.

We has countertops. Hopefully today we will has appliances, too. Oh, so squee-making!