October 21st, 2007

Halloween Cat

To cap off the week

The cabinets are in. They look mighty spiffy. Now we need the countertops and floor - but oh, it's looking so good! Of course, there still aren't doorknobs, so Sam can just push open the back door and walk in - we blocked it with a box of cookbooks, which has made him VERY unhappy. "What? I can't just walk in and out as I please? What horrible punishment IS this?"

I spent the day moving things around a little to make it easier to get by for the next few weeks - moved the microwave, got to the coat closet (as it's suddenly getting a little cold in the mornings, and I wanted my jackets), did some cleaning, etc. Some accomplishments there. Went out to get a present for our nephew, who will be turning five this week - I chose the My Father's Dragon series, since I think he should be old enough for it and he LOVES dragons as well as books (he wanted to read since he's been big enough to toddle around with a book in hand). Both Barb and I adored those books as kids, so we hope he will like 'em, too. It'll be a few years before I'll send him Narnia and Harry Potter, unless his folks or doting grandparents get those ones for him first.

I had to stop and get a mailing box, since my empty boxes are buried in the back of this room, and has anyone else discovered Ferrero Rocher DARK ("Ferrero Rondnoir")? I had to TRY... now I have to stay away from them at all costs, since I think I could eat one of those big boxes all without stopping. But on the whole I've been good - since getting back to my workout, I've dropped all the weight I gained caused by 3 months of overtime, a Vegas vacation, and surgery. Now I'm back where I was before and ready to get that snail going on the downward slide again.

Allergies have been doing me in, though; I took antihistamine last night and as a result slept until nearly ten this morning; managed to finally crawl out of bed and did get some stuff done (as already chronicled). Also wiped out a week's worth of the NY Times, cleaned out my email, and wrote of some character information for the lady of Sean Patrick's life through the 60's and 70's.

Why is it my female characters are so difficult to define when my male characters come to life so easily?

I was watching the exact, perfect sweater jacket I'd been looking for on eBay, and then forgot to sit on the end of the auction. I lost it. I'm so dumb. I did find a pretty decent pattern to knit my own - but I don't know if my knitting is sufficiently advanced to accomplish the pattern. I'd have to read the instructions, but it's one I have to order. On the other hand, it's not really expensive to just get the PATTERN. *ponder*

I need a ring box that will keep my silver rings from tarnishing. (Great gift idea!)

Foot is nearly healed, but I still can't wear most shoes. I tried to put on my wide leather sandals this morning but I couldn't slide it on; probably could with nylons on, though. Mostly, it's healed, though. I can walk well. So there's that.

And I still haven't heard back from the most recent submission on my book, which I submitted over a month ago. *sad face* That was one of the reasons I NEEDED to check that old email box from my desktop computer - to see if there was a response sitting there (there wasn't). Ah, well.