October 20th, 2007

Halloween Cat

I can't wait!!!

To get everything unpacked and in place so I can get my NEW TIVO hooked up!!! A week or so ago Big Lots got in some older model Tivos for $70, so I got the machine--I have put in the subscription yet, since everything's still a mess here, and I haven't even had Cox download all my stations properly (there are about 100 stations--including BBC America--I still can't get on the digital converter, but I don't want to have them fix it until I'm sure the power is going to be turned off again, and the cable and TV are finally set in their new homes).

As I type, the cabinets are being set in. Oh, they ARE PRETTY!!!!!! Yesterday we selected our new appliances, doorknobs, general hardware, and paint colors (or, at least, got some idea of color).

In computer news, the activation codes I got (thank you, miertam! - and everyone else who helped!) worked, and I got my desktop up and working, and I got to my Eudora mailboxes, and I updated my iPod, and everything was fine... until the next morning, when it started switching itself off again. Dang. Still something in there not happy. But at least this time once I got it up again, I made sure everything got closed properly and I shut down, and I just haven't turned it back on. When I get my new computer set up, then I can move everything over without trauma, including deactivating old computer on iTunes before activating new computer.

When I have space again, too, I can change the battery in my iPod, which is now only holding a charge about five hours or so, if I'm lucky. I bought a kit to do it myself rather than shipping it off to Apple - it looks complicated, but doable.

Then one of these days, when there is money again, I need to get a Classic 80-Gig iPod. The Touch is lovely, but I want a classic, with the touch wheel rather than the screen.

In preparation for NaNoWriMo, I've been doing character sheets for my little gang. Some of the folks at the NaNo boards like Sean Patrick, which pleases me.

And I'm also very pleased Dumbledore is gay. The purple suit should have been a dead giveaway. *g*

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And in closing, a tribute to mustangsally, one of my favorite LOL cats: