October 12th, 2007

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Gakked from fenchurche:

It says I did it in 2m 58s; I don't know why it doesn't show (unless it's just my layout). I'm pleased and surprised; I thought I was going slowly, especially when I couldn't remember how to spell Connecticut. I think it's easier with the map laid out there in front of one, though.

Last night I got to see my first Diamondbacks game live, at Chase Field. It was cool. It was fun. And it was, apparently, history-making, as for the first time in the history of our young team, the fans got mad enough to throw things on the field after a REALLY CRAPPY call by the umpire staff in the bottom of the 7th. I was sitting in the row furthest away from EVERYTHING, at the top of the world (eagles nest up there), and I could see it wasn't two outs. Anyway, it pissed a lot of people off and the game stopped cold for some five minutes. We lost. I still had fun.

We're losing again tonight. I'm glad this is a best of seven series. At least we still stand a slim chance of making the World Series again.

Best still, they let us wear jeans the last two days and show our team colors, since our Region consists of Arizona and Colorado (for those who don't follow baseball, the National League Championship is down to the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies - the winner of this best of seven will face the winner of the American League playoffs in the World Series). Now, for the most part, I'm not a big sports person, but I have always liked baseball, and have followed the Dbacks since the team was first started here, back in 1998. (And remember explaining to someone not from the southwest that a "Diamondback" was a rattlesnake, not a deck of cards - he thought it was a horrible name for a team...)

The room is beginning to look like a ROOM - most of the drywall is up and they said this weekend is patching and texturing on the walls. I hope they take us appliance shopping soon, now that I can see where things are going to go. I am suffering unparalleled joy at having a coat closet in the front of the house.

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I see that Nexus is available in collected volumes. This was one of my favorite comics through the 80's, basically as long as Steve Rude was drawing it, and I have most of the early part of the series and some of the later ones, as well. I would LOVE to get the collections (there are apparently seven out), and sell off the old comics (mostly because of space considerations - I was never a collector, I just bought the ones I liked).

Once we have the dining room table in a dining room and out of the living room, I'll be able to get to the cupboards under the living room shelves, and can finally get rid of all the old Babylon 5 tapes, since I have it on DVD now. I think I kept it around mostly because they were recorded in the original full-screen format (I don't know why they thought chopping off the top and bottom of a TV show makes it work at the widescreen ratio - it just cuts off the hair and chin of the actors in closeups - just like old Panavision movies chopped to TV changed the credits... -- "RUE GRI" with "OHN WAYN").

God, I lead an exciting life. Speaking of which, I'd better clean the catbox before going to bed...