October 10th, 2007

Halloween Cat

More days in flux

Since everything is still in boxes piled all over my house, I haven't unpacked or attempted to set up my new computer, much less get my important crap off my old one (which includes my entire iTunes library--I cannot change or update my iPod, I'm stuck with what's loaded on it now--a whole LOT of Classic Dr. Who episodes, and, most importantly, ALL MY FICTION--fortunately some of that is on my jump drive). I have no space to do anything or plug anything in, so none of the new stuff has been tried.

My foot is gaining mobility, although it still hurts and I can't put on any shoes other than sneakers, so I'm rather glad I have three pairs of Chucks and two pair of Baby Phat tennies. I can't, however, cram my foot into my new, not-broken-into exercise sneaks.

If I didn't already enjoy Pushing Daisies, I would give them props for actually giving the Tony-award-winning actress they hired a chance to sing on the show. If you have Kristin Chenoweth, give her that spotlight. Awesome.

Not to mention I could listen to Jim Dale talk forever. Plus writers who know what to do with Chi McBride (unlike the folks at House). I expect, though, like Wonderfalls, there's only about four people watching it, because it's WAY too weird for the normals, and I'll be lucky if it lasts until the Holiday break.

But at least Lost and Jericho will be back by then.

Sure signs of winter in Arizona: they came and stripped off all the summer grass and planted rye grass at the office. Yes, we plant grass seed in the autumn. As well as most other plants, although Barb and I won't be setting any flowers this year because there are workmen tromping through our flowerbed all day long. The vinca are all smashed. But it will be worth it. Oh, yes, it will.

The windows are in, insulation is going up, the wiring is in, most of the plumbing done - oh, joy, water pressure! - and they say it should go pretty fast from here on. I'm past ready to get out of boxes!

I have a buttload of things to do and I can't get up the energy to do them in the tiny spaces we have for doing things (like setting up computers)...