October 4th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Go Diamondbacks!

What a great game this is. I came in when it was Cubs 2, Diamondbacks 0, and now it's Cubs 2, Diamondbacks 6.

Ugly Betty is one of those shows where there simply is NOT ENOUGH of it every episode. I want more!

I bought myself a foot bath but there's really no place to plug it in and relax with it. Today they tore out the rest of the kitchen, put in almost all the electric boxes (wow, plugs!), and ripped holes in the bathroom walls. Tomorrow the rest of the piping will be laid in. No more galvanized pipes! Cairo is enjoying going in one bathroom and coming out the other while there's a big hole in the wall.

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And it's not that I don't like the Cubs. They are my second-favorite team. It's just... Go Diamondbacks!

The Time of Catalogs has arrived. I came home to about two dozen yesterday. This one here has this "mother/daughter love" jewelry... which looks to me like Lesbian Love jewelry. *g*

Seriously, I kept this one because there's a few things in it I think I could get for people - not too expensive, nice things.

I'm searching for one of those sweater jackets, like the one I had back in the late 70's/early 80's. I found ONE at eBay, but it was a little too expensive and too many people were vying for it. I guess I'm not the only one looking. I keep up the search for The Exact Winter Coat I want - I haven't seen it yet. Oh, really, I saw it at Last Chance last year, but the one that fit me was missing several snaps. One of the problems with shopping at Last Chance. Therefore, I am still looking. And yes, I know, I only get to WEAR a winter coat about three weeks a year, but honestly, it's a COLD three weeks.

Speaking of the weather, it actually rained here in Phoenix today. Heavy, in places, although it was short-lived, sun-is-still-shining desert rain. Still - I turned on my windshield wipers on the way home!
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