October 2nd, 2007

Halloween Cat

Even more cramming in

Last night I got home to find Sam happily gamboling about in the front yard - there is another huge hole in the house and the plumbers were still here working, so he'd discovered he could go out (although he didn't seem to figure out he could go IN via the same hole). They didn't cover the wall before breaking through, so there was dust everywhere, but it was easily cleaned (mostly).

Then we had to clear out all the stuff from the bathrooms, because they're going to be completing the piping this week - yeeks. The cat bathroom here in the back is my "catch-all" place for junk, and now all that junk had to be removed. I managed to get most of it out before Chuck came on. Still loving this show. Enjoyed the snot out of Heroes; although next week it looks like Niki is bad. Oh, well.

Saw Moonlight. He's no Nick Knight. Heck, he's not even first season Buffy Angel. The guy playing the lead is as wooden as a stake - the show should revolve around his buddy, the old vampire. I'm even saddened by Sophia Myles, although she is nice to look at. She reminds me too much of Kate, from Angel, a character no one really warmed up to (especially after the writers lobotomized her). But I suppose when they told David Greenwalt to take a walk with all his ideas they were asking for it.

My muscles are screaming from me going back to doing things to them they have become unaccustomed to. I'll ease into it. I really haven't done nearly a workout like I was doing - only 15 minutes on the ski machine. Tomorrow is rest day. Calories consumed today so far: 340. This means I can have a good dinner. I won't break out the snail until I get back to at least my starting point again... Yeek, again.

Today nothing much done; will attempt to change battery on computer, then collapse a little.