September 25th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Another day with little accomplished

But on the other hand, the boot is off. The doctor wants me to start (and apparently I should have already been doing - would have been nice to have instructions!) working the toe to get mobility back. I started hopping around like a crazed thing as soon as I got home - in order:

The workers were done for the day but the power was out, so I had to throw on shoes (shoes!) and go flip all the circuits. Done.

The cable was out, and the refrigerator was behind the plastic sheeting covering the kitchen. Called the contractor. Checked out the enormous hole in the wall (pictures coming soon, I promise).

Got a call from the shopping side - cabinet emergency! Sure, come on over.

Got cable back up. Started dinner in middle of "kitching room." Walked dog, who dragged me around the block at apparently the pre-selected path and speed. Not sure foot is up to this. Got back to find rahirah home just as our cabinet/shopping specialist arrived. The colors and styles we chose would take like four times as long as the kitchen itself to get - go with other company. (Spend time talking rahirah into going for something other than she had selected - ah, the artist! *smootch!*)

Finally get off my feet. Mmmm, foot a little swollen. Greet sillymagpie for the evening's premieres. Have dinner - slightly bland and thin pea soup (why didn't I think, "hmmm, if I'm going to cook, I may need the measuring cups"?) - and watch shows. Woot, NCIS - didn't see any of that coming. Hooray House, as taciturn and annoying as ever. ARGH! Boston Legal started half-an-hour early, I have to find it online so we can watch the beginning of the show - hey, John Larroquette's joined the cast! Double Woot! Great night of television back again. I recorded Bones so I'll watch that tonight.

For Monday night, I was delighted with Chuck, which was thoroughly implausible and desperately silly but sweet and lovable for all and I think I'll like it a lot. As for Heroes, sillymagpie hasn't seen it yet, so all I'll say was I still love this show. Haven't watched Journeyman yet, although from what I've read it doesn't sound all that exciting (will give it a try, though), or How I Met Your Mother. Apparently a good half of everything I want to watch are on Monday and Tuesday. I know there's at least one show I want to check out tonight; plus Criminal Minds, although I'm not sure I'll stay with it since Mandy Patinkin's gone, but we'll see; then Ugly Betty on Thursday and Moonlight on Friday. I don't know how I'll juggle this when Lost, Jericho, and Scrubs all come back.

I really need Tivo.

In other news, it's almost chilly outside here in the mornings, although the days are still warm. I'm contemplating pulling out a sweater to go to work in (although that causes the perilous problem of leaving it there, this time of year). I know, scoff at me, those of you in less harsh climes. Not that I can REACH any of my jackets, mind you (not easily, anyway). This may cause a problem in the coming weeks... This was the first year I actually packed away all my winter wear instead of just leaving it (because I have a much larger wardrobe than I used to have) so I have no clue what I own and what I don't, and I can't find ANY of my pajamas (I've been looking for a couple of weeks now). I'm not sure if I like not being able to access all my belongings all the time. I may be a packrat but I usually know where all my pack IS.

My cold is just lingering a little - not really bothering me, but I can feel that draggy, not-quite-me feeling at the back of my head.

And foot DEFINITELY swollen. Once I sat down to watch TV last night, it was noticeably puffy, and still is somewhat this morning. Fortunately, we have Jeans Days the rest of the week although I'm sure my supervisor won't have a problem with me wearing sneakers until the swelling goes down and the foot has more mobility.

Why three Jeans Days? Well, Friday is the regular Jeans Day, today is the "end of summer bash," and the boss thought, well, why not Thursday, too? Besides, because moving apparently comes in groups, our department is moving, too. Fortunately, all I have to do is pack my own stuff, mark it, and then wait until they have the equipment set up in the other building (across the parking lot) and test it. May have to work a little late Friday (forgot to mention that to sillymagpie - won't be too late, I hope), or Saturday. Depends on how fast Tech Services gets stuff up and running.

I'd say "I'll set up a tape," but they've been turning off the power almost every day for construction, so I can't be sure things will stay where I put them. Of course, these machines hold their programing really well, so I can give it a try, providing it's not out so long it wipes the clock.

(I can hear the echo from a cat sitting in the big, empty kitchen meowing plaintively... he still thinks the food lives there.)

Oh! And I stood on the scale this morning - somehow, I managed to get through a month without working out and only gained one pound! And again, woot!