September 24th, 2007

Halloween Cat


And it's Monday again. How did that happen?

Let's see, the wrap up:

Thursday, Friday, there was work, pretty much same old, same old; on Friday I became sneakily sure I had caught Barb's cold, but it wasn't too bad yet, just a sinus headache (which might also be attributed to the Maricopa County Tire Fire, which is burning rather close to my office) so I took some of the cold medicine I had in my purse and felt much better. We got the word on Thursday that we would be losing our kitchen as early as Tuesday, so knew we had to get some boxes to pack up the kitchen. I found one at work, and figured we could at least search/buy some over the weekend. This we did. However...

Friday night, for some godawful reason, I couldn't sleep. At all. We stayed up kinda late moving stuff out of the kitchen and waiting for the plumbers to finish, but even so, I didn't really get to sleep until around one or two; and then the workers were there to finish breakout of the old slab and to lay the new concrete at six in the morning. I developed a splitting headache and felt nauseous, managed to get a little more sleep in bed, before finally dragging myself up and dressing, then collapsing in the recliner, where I finally got some sleep for several hours while they quietly smoothed concrete.

Then boxes! Boxes! And more boxes! Oh, the crap one can accumulate when living twenty years in one residence! We filled at least two boxes for Goodwill and there will be more when the unpacking commences. Of course, I've said for years the only way to really get rid of stuff would be to pack up like we were moving, because otherwise all I do with my crap is move it from one location to another. We found my lovely, great-big cookie sheet that was a Christmas present many years ago that I've never been able to use because - wait for it - the oven in this house is too small. At last, I will be able to use!

I will be posting pictures of the work in progress as soon as I re-install the Kodak software on the computer (it's on the other drive, of course, as chronicled in previous entries).

With luck, the walking boot will be off come Tuesday; I'm walking much better, still a little sore, but I think I'll do all right. Technically, four weeks since the surgery is today, but my schedule with the doc was bounced to Tuesday because the first Monday after my surgery was Labor Day. It was a very fast four weeks (although last week SEEMED interminable). The cold is lingering, but other than wiping me out Saturday morning (which I still suspect was more due to the lack of sleep than anything else), it's not got me out for the count. The new cold medicine formulas seem to be working pretty well (psuedoephedrine-free, but at least it has some form of decongestant in it).

In pet news, Sam is back from the vet's and back to his old self, more or less; he has trouble figuring out his lower jaw is much shorter than it used to be, but on the whole, he's back to being all dog and all pain in the butt - which is a relief. Now, Cairo the Neurotic Kitty is losing the fur under his legs and on his tummy again, which worries me - he gets that when he gets highly stressed, so I'm hoping this time it's just the combination of the trip to the vet, Sam's being in the house all the time, and us moving everything around without his approval (which never sits well with cats). He's been extremely clingy and needy with me; even going so far as to (gasp) sleep on me. I have to be sure to lavish attention on him, the spoiled little brat.

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