September 12th, 2007

Halloween Cat

And then all went ARGH!!!!

All of a sudden, everything came due.

I was trying to reconcile the possibility of coming up with whatever extra money we needed in order to pay for Sam's surgery (see rahirah's journal for all the details), when I opened today's mail.

Property tax AND Homeowner's insurance, all due in October. Grrrrrrr!!! Not to mention car insurance this month, my own doctor bills (which are mostly paid, but have left me without much extra), and of course the usual everyday bills... and then there's Christmas!!!

I'm afraid most folks are going to be getting only cookies this year, and that provided we get the kitchen done in time...

ANYWAY, I'm doing the juggling and such so I can at least give folks a little something, because I just LOVE giving Christmas presents and can't stand the thought of not doing so - what I won't be able to do any more is buy so much silly stuff for ME, which I've been very badly doing for a while (mostly clothes and shoes, which I have enough of now, so STOP! S'rsly). I do fortunately have a few little items already, because I usually start shopping, oh, whenever I see something that presents itself for someone on my list.

I hope we can manage to save a little on materials with the contractors to come out without spending the full amount of the loan on the kitchen. I mean, I don't want to go CHEAP, but we must be able to come up with something that can cut a corner here or there. The plumber already suggested a way to cut a few hundred bucks, because apparently now there's a synthetic tubing that's better than copper (especially for Arizona's hard water), and somewhat cheaper (what with the price of copper being through the roof right now). So you never know. (knock wood)

On a cheerier note, the stitches are out, and while it's sore, I'm feeling very energetic, so I've been bouncing all over the place this evening - once again probably overdoing, but I hate to let my hard-won muscles atrophy. *g* Two more weeks and I can be back in real shoes - just in time to really start the clean out on the house, I'm thinking, since we haven't broken ground yet (permits, permits) - they did make an appointment with us to go shopping for kitchen stuff next week, though. Whoo hoo!