September 3rd, 2007

Halloween Cat

There are still no donuts

I cannot believe a full week has gone by already. I don't know how I'm going to manage work, but I'll figure it out eventually. It's not that I'm in pain, really, but I'm in discomfort when the foot is down - I have to see about the best way to keep it elevated at work while at work (it's plenty hard just here at home at this computer). I wish I had a cord long enough to get the Internet on my laptop, out in the living room (no, it does not have wireless, it's an ancient hand-me-down used computer I got for $75 - it's basically a high-powered word processor, but it DOES mean I've written three chapters of Book Two, filling it out and giving it what it's desperately needed, i.e., its own plot - yay me!).

Speaking of writing, I was considering actually entering NANOWRIMO this year (or if I've missed the deadline through my usual procrastination, next year)... I'm not sure, though, if I have to start fresh, or if I can count ongoing manuscripts. Especially since everyone else seems to be starting up on the "Ficathon" season.

Otherwise, it's been mostly sleep, eat, take pain medication, sleep some more, hobble around, and then sleep some more. I can't really weigh myself because I don't really know how much this boot weighs - I can't really exercise, although I've done some minor stretching and seated yoga, just to try and keep in shape.

I can't believe I have to go back to work tomorrow. I also have my first post-op doctor's appointment, so I'll also be doing more driving than I've done since the surgery - should be all right, I tested driving; it just means not taking any pain medication in the morning so I can drive all right. I've been very careful with the meds, I haven't had a drink in a week (get to sit around all week and can't have any of the nice wine I have in the fridge, boo).

Today I spent most of the day watching the Dead Like Me marathon on SciFi; I now want to own the show, it's fun.

I completely forgot that WorldCon takes place over Labor Day until they announced on the Doctor Who list that The Girl In The Fireplace won the Hugo - cool, that makes two Steven Moffat scripts in a row to take it for short form drama, and one of my favorite episodes, ever.

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I finished reading The Subtle Knife and have started The Amber Spyglass.

Almost fell behind on reading my Flist, but did have to mostly skim, since, as I said, sitting up sucks, with all the blood rushing to my foot and making it, well, uncomfortable. I will be SO happy when the boot comes off.

Only one more week until my soap moves to DirectTV. *sigh* I know I'll be better off without it, but, really, WAH. I think I may give that new show, Chuck, a try. It looks like it could be funny. Also Moonlight. Not sure about other new shows. I'm pissed they moved Bones to yet ANOTHER timeslot where it conflicts with something else - now it's on opposite NCIS. It looks like everything will be starting up the week of September 24. The only day that hasn't changed at all looks like Tuesday - NCIS, House, and Boston Legal; I'm not sure when Jericho comes back, and Lost doesn't start until February.

In the meantime... I think they're going to break concrete this week. I have to remember to take pictures at every step so we can do a "before" and "after." Barb already got lots of shots of the "before."

I'm so excited!

I still don't want to go back to work. And worse still, it's STILL freakin' hot out there.