August 23rd, 2007

Halloween Cat

The Pressure Is On

Happy Birthday, dinpik!

I guess all the best people are Leos (or on the cusp)... *g*

Anyway, it's been a very eventful week. I did get back to the gym, so workouts have resumed, but I HAVE gained a solid five pounds, so my snail has been backed WAY up. Starting over again... But I won't really start until after Saturday, when I'm getting my Birthday dinner, and I want Italian. Pasta Lurve.

I have a review due tomorrow so of course I'm writing fiction.

I'm having bunion surgery on Monday, and either this doctor is a lot more concerned with pain management than my previous surgeon, or others are far more concerned with my "am now over 40"-ness than I am. I'm in far better shape than I was previously, and in overall better health, than I was at 35, that's for sure. I'm not sure I need Celebrex and a TENS unit and all that, but what the hey. What I wasn't prepared for was the hospital wanting the balance of my deductible up front - yikes. Well, there goes my 3rd paycheck for August. I was laboring under the delusion that I would be billed. Oh, well. Easy come, easy go.

What's weird is the constant and persistent mental fantasy that I will die on the table. It's foot surgery, for Heaven's sake. I don't know where these things come from (it's not really a fear, it's just one of these things that comes into a fertile, imaginative mind when you're being asked questions like, "do you have any history of heart disease?").

I am amused by the knowledge that the Little League World Series actually includes the ENTIRE world, rather than just the United States, like the big leagues do. They were playing Mexico against Belgium last Saturday while I was at the gym.

I never realized how much I love to bake, and want to bake, than now when the oven doesn't work. And we don't want to put any money into repairing an oven we were planning on replacing within the next six months or so.

I really hope we get it done before the holidays, now, because this will mean no holiday baking if it's not...

Which means no cookies, gang...

Despite being insanely hyper, I'm also exhausted. I absolutely cannot be catching a cold just before birthday dinner and surgery.