August 16th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Burnin' Love

Thirty years ago today I was hangin' out in the park with my best friend Nanette. We went to her place and heard on the radio that Elvis was dead. It was the most devastating news we'd ever heard in our young lives. I remember the details staggeringly well - it was really quite traumatic. I'd of course never met the man; never even saw him live (although Nanette did, only a few months before); but to my nearly-13-year-old heart (I turned 13 five days later), he was glorious. I bore up through the years of it being a horrible faux pas to mention one so much as liked Elvis; and have watched as he's come back around as "cool." There were Elvis t-shirts at the "Hot Topic" store along with all the grunge bands, cute cartoons, and 80's retro stuff that the young kids love.

Less than a decade later, on August 18, my father died, too.

It's quite some week for me, this week of August.

This year it's been exceptionally busy. We're still working way too many hours, doing way too much work with too few people and still being told that our unit could vanish at any day and we have to be ready to move to other departments at a moment's notice. I still haven't been to the gym since my vacation (and before then, around June 25th) - two months, and it's starting to show around my waistline - since I haven't cut down my calories any to make up for the lack of movement - although I AM trying to get in a little at home, with my exercise ball and stretches. It's not the same as a sustained 40 minutes on the ski machine, though (wry expression).

It's been hot and as humid as Phoenix gets for the last week, as well - which means hovering between 110 and 114, with about a 60 dewpoint average (about 50% average humidity; and I know that's not as humid as Jersey or Philadelphia or D.C., but the temps there don't go that far over 100, either, as I recall). Whereas the dry heat actually feels pretty good in June, by August it's neither dry nor pleasant... By this time, I'm always ready for October. As are the stores, I see the Halloween merchandise is already out.

I'm not sure what I did last night, but apparently I somehow managed to not read LiveJournal for two days. These are the two days that everyone on my list posted at least once, if not twice or three times, so I tried to read everything. I'm not sure I succeeded.

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