August 11th, 2007

Halloween Cat

I'm Walkin'

Yesterday morning, driving to work, there was roughly twice or three times as much traffic as there normally is. I thought maybe it was national get-in-your-car-and-drive day but I hadn't heard, but apparently all it was is most of the Phoenix area schools started. On Friday? In the middle of August?

What do I know about such things anymore?

I forgot completely I had a review due yesterday. I haven't read the book. Fortunately, it's short and I got my deadline pushed to next Friday. Oops. Maybe it's time to take a hiatus from these, but I sure would hate to stop reviewing some of these independent artists - they need the exposure, and I like helping them (and I'm the only one on our mainstream list who gives them any).

It was a very fast and hectic week. I feel as though I got very little to nothing at all accomplished; no workouts, no packet sent out, never once finished at work (although we're getting a little smoother at the new process, it's still taking twice or three times as long to do things; "more efficient," my ass, Corporate). I did get a massage on Thursday, and my therapist recommends stretching, which I have been trying to do, and said I hunch forward too much, which is causing the tension (and the pain). I need to work on stretching exercises that open my chest and roll my shoulders back. I've been trying to be more conscious of my posture (which I know sucks).

It's only two weeks until my bunion surgery. This doctor scheduled an EKG - not sure why, I'll ask my PCP on Monday morning. I have to get the blood work done, too, and frankly, THAT makes me much more nervous than an EKG. I'm not worried about my heart, but when they take my blood, I fall down. So I'm going in late Monday morning, and getting off at 6 - this may be a test to see if I would like to move my hours from 7:45 to 4 to 9:45 to 6. I'm so torn. On the one hand, yuck, getting off that late - but traffic would be fine coming home, and I wouldn't have to go to bed so darned early. I'd be able to sleep until 7, even on days when I went to the gym (instead of getting up at 4:30).

The air pressure, up-and-down humidity, is killing my sinuses. I've had that low-grade headache for ages, and it won't go away, no matter what drugs I take. *heavy sigh*

This morning we got up early, went to take Barb's mom to the airport, sat with her until the flight crew took charge of her (so there won't be any chance of her missing the flight, like last time), then we went over to the Farmer's Market to shop a little. It was nasty, yucky, miserable hot out (the website claims it's only 101/103 with 29% humidity, but it feels a LOT hotter/yuckier). Now, just catching up on the soap (at least it looks like they're going to wrap up the current storyline before the promised "cliffhangers" before it moves to Direct TV), sitting around reading through LJ and the usual Caturday activities.

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