August 2nd, 2007

Halloween Cat

Hey Baby, Let's Go To Vegas

Oh, boy, am I tired!

I cannot believe my 72-year-old mother. She's still going strong, while I was wiped last night and collapsed around 9:30. I have blisters and stiff legs and I thought - I THOUGHT - I was in pretty good shape. I did have to change from my Converse to my gym shoes. More padding.

We just got back from shopping at what was Desert Passages and is in the process of turning into the Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile of Shops - most of it is still Desert Passages, pretty and Arabic looking, while the renovated half is just a plain shopping mall. Weenies. I understand change is the thing here in Vegas, but still. Anyway, it's a cool mall, and right across the street here.

The Bellagio is still just one of the nicest places on the Strip; most things are upscale, but it's still reasonable in an upscale way (the buffet is cheaper here than at MGM, including the fancy gourmet weekend one). Okay. We stopped at a little gelato stand in the middle of Caesars Forums, each got one medium scoop of gelato, and it cost freakin' $24 bucks (including tax). We have since priced gelato everywhere else, and here at the Bellagio you can get two scoops, with waffle cone, for about $6 - two people, $12. We haven't found one gelato stand even CLOSE to that one at Caesar's.

Other observations later - Mom is agitating to get moving again. Ay yi yi.
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