July 31st, 2007

Halloween Cat

Viva Las Vegas

After checking out a few more places, we have determined that the MGM Buffet is by far and away the most expensive on the Strip.

Sunday night the Lion Habitat at MGM has the male lions brought in (usually they have females) - these were a pair of two-year-old boys who were full of playful and romped around their habitat to the delight of the crowds like a pair of house cats, tossing their toys around and chasing each other and generally behaving like a couple of, well, adorable little kitties. It was totally of the cute, but I was never in a good place for pictures - I got a few okay shots, I'll have to see how they download.

The best thing about the gigantic, sprawling icebox which is MGM is we always win something - Mom got something I thought I'd never see, three Double Diamonds hit. She won $1,600. Of course, she hasn't hit anything big SINCE, but it was totally cool. I haven't won diddly, but we're having a good time.

Why is it that no matter when we come, SOMETHING is under renovation? The Spa/fitness center here at the Mirage is closed - fortunately, the Mirage has sister-hotel Treasure Island (ti, bleah) and their spa and fitness center is open to Mirage guests, so we will go there. MGM's spa is more expensive, too (even more than the Bellagio), but it's a very nice one. We're about to go to Treasure Island, we'll have to see how it is.

The vending machines here have Diet Coke with Lime. I'm happy, even paying $3 a bottle - it's either that or go out into the muggy heat (big monsoon storm yesterday) and walk a half mile or more to get them for $1.50 at Walgreens or the ABC Store in the mall.

I REALLY need to do Vegas with friends rather than Mom. I love mom, but there are just things she doesn't want to do, like the roller coaster at New York New York. (And she doesn't want to see Spamalot!, either....)
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