July 21st, 2007

Halloween Cat

Who Wants To Live Forever

I have just finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Maybe nine, ten hours of solid reading.

It was good. That's all I'll say out here in public. I'll wait to talk about it until the dust settles a little and everyone gets a chance to read it.

Of course, now comes the usual "but now it's all over!" feeling I get at the end of such things - which means I'll no doubt read the whole series many, many times in the coming years.

I'm very tired. I went out to Potterfest last night and had a good time; spent a little more money than I expected, but bought more than just one book (an hour and a half in a bookstore? On payday? Yeah, I'm gonna walk outta there with just one book...). We were in the sixth group to get processed through the line, which meant we left there around one-ish. Not too bad. And didn't have to actually STAND in line more than maybe five minutes of all that time because of the way they were running things. But then I had to be up this morning for an online "How to Craft a Manuscript That Sells" seminar I'd signed up for - it was interesting, but I missed the beginning because I slept a little late. She didn't really tell me anything I didn't KNOW, but at least it makes me pay attention when I'm going through polishing the ol' manuscript.

By the time I get someone to actually publish my contemporary paranormal romance, set in 2003, it will be a historical paranormal romance...

Went to Costco and spent a little too much money there, too. Had to buy a case of Coke with Real Sugar. I just HAD to.

Made a lovely gorgonzola pasta sauce; used coconut cream for the base, with a mixture of cream cheese and mozzarella. Came out very nice.

Now I think I should sleep.
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