July 4th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Is Anybody There?

4th of July Meme, gakked from jennawaterford:

When you see this, post a quotation from 1776 in your LJ:

*** *** *** *** ***

Dickinson: Why do you refer to King George as a tyrant?

Jefferson: Because he is a tyrant.

Dickinson: I remind you, Mr. Jefferson, that this "tyrant" is still your King.

Jefferson: When a king becomes a tyrant, he thereby breaks the contract binding his subjects to him.

Dickinson: How so?

Jefferson: By taking away their rights.

Dickinson: Rights that came from him in the first place.

Jefferson: All except one -- the right to be free comes from nature.

Dickinson: And are we not free, Mr. Jefferson?

Jefferson: Homes entered without warrant, citizens arrested without charge, and in many places free assembly itself denied.

Dickinson: No one approves of such things, but these are dangerous times.

Franklin: Be careful, Mr. Dickinson. Those who would give up some of their liberty in order to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

*** *** *** *** ***