July 3rd, 2007

Halloween Cat

Don't Wanna Know

Day Two, Week Four:

I didn't have a chance to weigh in yesterday, so --

As though to prove I was going too fast, I have backtracked some, and my poor snail had to go backwards a few pounds. I think this is hormone related (at least, I hope so), and I should be back on track this week.

Work progresses apace. We still haven't gotten the hang of the new system. Seriously, it should be easier than this.

It has reached the time of year when exiting my office into 114-degree heat actually feels pretty good, because all the people who move to the Valley HAVE to keep the air conditioning at sub-freezing in order to survive here. Is it any wonder the Valley has brown air? At least our electrical infrastructure was something well planned, unlike our road system.

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Al Queda says the US invasion of Iraq was a gift to them (NBC Nightly News). Wasn't that nice of W? Today I listened to Diane Rehm for the first time in a while; it was a topic close to my heart - we are exchanging our civil liberties for "safety." I have to read the book they were discussing, In Defense of Our America, by Anthony Romero & Dina Temple-Raston. Apparently they also address the "right's" attack on the ACLU - about time.

Anyway, hope everyone has a "safe" Fourth of July - remembering always the men who believed it was more important to be free than to be safe, and led us to Independence by way of dissent, rebellion, and revolution. Watch the fireworks. (Hope no one in these parts does anything stupid with them, considering the fire danger.) Enjoy!

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