June 26th, 2007

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What a day!!!!!!

The madness at work continues. I got there at six and around noon realized I hadn't had breakfast yet - fortunately, lunch was only a few minutes away. Then suddenly it was time to go home. I went ahead and scheduled comp time for later in the week, but it's anyone's guess as to whether I'll get it (although it would be nice) - it's amazing to me how difficult something so easy has proven to be (basically, the upgrade to the software includes more on-screen work, and less paper-shuffling - in theory it should work well, and I believe eventually, as we get our sea legs, it WILL be more efficient. However, at the moment, it's sloppy and the exact polar opposite of "efficient." We haven't even finished Monday's work yet).


This evening I bake cookies for the June Birthday goodie day tomorrow - treats, I think, will do wonders for morale. Of course, we were all as giddy as though we'd been drinking margaritas all day by 3 o'clock, anyway, but still.

I was washing dishes and I went to set a pot on the dish rack (yes, we do our own dishes - neither of us really believes in a "dishwasher" - and for the curious, it was a three-quart Paul Revere copper-bottom pot). I was trying to balance it precariously on the mixing bowl and glasses already there, when it literally leaped from my hands and dragged a glass with it. I watched as, in slow-motion, the glass hit the concrete floor along with the pot. CLANG! The glass didn't break! I was about to gasp with relief when the glass continued up, up, over, somersault, and SMASH!!!!!!!! It burst into a billion pieces.

I was barefoot. I went to get some shoes on before cleaning up.

It's been a dropsy couple of days...



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Now, I thought I would have been worth more. I've done so much to be so much healthier than I was a few years ago...

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