June 22nd, 2007

Halloween Cat

Let Jesus Make You Breakfast

I deliberately did not post last night because I have lately started to fall into a maudlin depression come evening, and I didn't want to whine unnecessarily. However, after sleeping like the dead (and I don't think I moved all night), I feel much better. I'm world-class at feeling sorry for myself when there's nothing to feel sorry for myself about - it's very weird.

I have/had two reviews due this week, and I haven't even listened to one of them (I was the only one willing to try out Bon Jovi's new country/Americana album. Go fig). I finished the other last night, but writing reviews of Merle Haggard is staggeringly easy, even when half the album's old material re-recorded.

Our loan has been approved! We may actually get a contractor here shortly and have a Real House at last! *squeeee!*

I wanted to go back to the Farmer's Market this weekend, but I have to work Saturday morning. Our new systems will be uploaded tonight so we have to have everything done today by three so the system can be cleaned out and ready to change over, then we test it tomorrow. It all seems very easy and straightforward, but I worry because many of my coworkers seem to have trouble shifting grooves. ("No, that can be done this way, ALSO. No, you can't send documents of varying lengths to the mid-speed scanner. No, that doesn't need an exception sheet with it just because it went to the mid-speed scanner. Yes, of course that's a demand package. See? It says "demand" right there. No, attorneys do not always use the correct date of loss - but all the rest of the information is correct, so obviously that's the right claim number!" With all respect to Geico, this job is so easy a cave man could do it... ) Anyway, we shall see how it goes.

Yikes, is it that late already? My, the mornings do rush on...
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