June 18th, 2007

Halloween Cat

I Walk the Line

Day one, week two. Three pounds! Today I had a small can of V8, a MetRx bar, a cucumber sandwich on oat-wheat bread (homemade), a few crisps, a few almonds, some cherries, then a nice dinner of baked fish (with curry & other Indian spices), fresh basil pasta with a light butter-garlic sauce, and peas. Probably a little heavy on the calories at dinner due to the butter, but still not too bad.

The weekend was extremely unproductive, although we did some stuff, so it wasn't like I sat around doing nothing at all. We went out and did some shopping (mostly for necessary stuff - mostly) - went to the Farmer's Market downtown and got some fresh produce and a few other things, then hit Tuesday Morning; I made chicken pot pie for Saturday dinner, then Sunday did laundry and made kebobs. No further housecleaning was accomplished, so the cat fur tumbleweeds are doing their own thing in the corners. The living room (and the cats) is settling in with the new recliner. It's much larger than the old one was, but it's apparently not at all nice for scratching... which is good. It's certainly comfy for SITTING. First step in the big remaking of the house taken. Considering the strange noises coming from the pipes last night, that put-offable full copper repipe should probably start edging up on the list...

Today not bad. Got in a little workout - couldn't get myself out of bed early, but made the effort to stop after work. Go, me.

Did not write a hundred words, though. Had one review to finish and did that, though. Working on breaking the original manuscript into actual chapters. Haven't gotten the next rejection slip yet.

Saturday's Doctor Who: Squee!!! Oh, and, squee.

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