June 13th, 2007

Halloween Cat

One Piece At A Time

I only just NOW find out it's "Blog Like It's The End Of The World" day. Zombies, who knew?

We took rahirah's mom to see Shrek the Third. Not bad. Not nearly as good (or as funny) as the first two, but a nice wrap-up to the series. How disturbing is it to me that as I watched the credits (since Mom2 is nearly blind, we have to wait for the house lights to come up so she can see her way out), I noticed one of the writers/incidental voice actors is a "Cody Cameron." Considering the voices (including Pinocchio), it's probably a "he," but the Cody Cameron who lives in my head was just as pleased as I used to be watching my own name in the credits for Land of the Lost every Saturday morning growing up.

I have no other real news to report - I do make progress; I have gone to the gym every day this week thus far and increased my workout a good percentage, my calories have not gone above 1200 per day. MetRx bars are a little heavy on the calories but very tasty, BTW.

Since it IS "blog like it's the end of the world" today, I'll do something I've been meaning to do for a while. For anyone who is interested in reading anything I write, I introduce my characters.

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