June 11th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Back Around

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In other news, I figured out my iPod. I just have to remember how I did it this time - having the iPod plugged in before attempting to change playlists, load them, and everything else. Whoot! I was reading about the iPod mini, and apparently the life of the battery wears lower as it gets older - I think I'd noticed that, but since I usually dock it in my JBL speakers overnight, I tend to keep it pretty well charged. I suppose I ought to try and figure out just how long the battery lasts these days.

I realized that I have almost filled up my large drive - 81.5 gigs used. 25 of those gigs is my iTunes library; several more are dedicated to Doctor Who episodes. I need to get that 750-gig portable drive for my music, so I can rip the rest of my CDs. (Whoever dreamed one could actually fill a 100-gig drive? Of course, I've only used 20 gigs of the old, smaller 50-gig drive.)
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