June 10th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Captain Jack

Yesterday's Dr. Who was, like last week's, based on a previous Doctor story (although a much later one; Steven Moffat, who also wrote The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances and The Girl in the Fireplace), wrote this short story and adapted it for Doctor Ten (it was originally written for Doctor Nine, obviously during that time between when he first asked Rose to come with him, and then came back and got her, since she's not around).

It's really a completely different story than what got shown on the screen, so there's no spoilers, for those who want to read it.

And next week, Captain Jack!
Halloween Cat

Somewhere in the Middle

Ah, a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Accomplishments of the weekend:
Living room cleaned and vacuumed
Shopping done
Roast made, with potatoes and onions
Assisted in the making of rhubarb pie
New Doctor Who watched
Reactivated my Epinions account (I only have a few reviews posted there, but I'm arizonacowgirl)
Washing machine hoses changed
Laundry done
Dog washed and brushed
At least 100 words written and posted to nanomowhinging

I am going to begin a serious, six-to-eight-week diet to see if I can drop this last 20-or-so pounds. It does mean I should avoid the baking for a little while. I'm pretty confident about being able to maintain, so I'm not going to go mad if I don't make it, but I'm going to TRY.

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And that's about the extent of my weekend.