June 6th, 2007

Halloween Cat

One More Shot

Good grief, Collapse )

How, how, HOW does one stop a cat from constantly waking one up all morning (starting around 3:30-ish)??????? I try to ignore him and his antics simply increase until the urge to kill is rising... rising... and yet, he's so cute! Curse his cuteness. Now, of course, having done his work, he's off sleeping.

Therefore, I am not at the gym.

I completely forgot to go get Star Wars stamps. Some geek I am. They better still have them when I stop at the post office (this branch is ALWAYS out of the good ones when I go).
Halloween Cat

Marfa Lights

Whoo hoo!!!

It's the very first time EVER a show I loved that got the axe was given a reprieve - and it's the only time I didn't write a single letter of protest. Maybe silent wishing is the way to go... *g*