June 2nd, 2007

Halloween Cat

Do You Hear The People Sing?

Finally, a charity everyone can afford. I may have to get me one of these.

I've been going through an M&Ms phase. This isn't a good phase, since I can eat LOTS of M&Ms. Suddenly they just taste really, really good, so I've been eating them. Hopefully it is a phase and will go away shortly. Still, I'm maintaining my weight - just not losing anymore. And I only went to the gym once last week, which is bad; but I've been very tired and drained-feeling this week - especially yesterday, when I DID in fact get up early, but then after dragging around the house with a mild headache and sore eyes, I went back to bed instead of getting dressed and getting going. I remained more or less the same all day, although I managed to get my work done anyway. (And this despite almost half the day being devoted to craft projects for Founder's Day and a retirement party for a core unit member, so everyone was not working, too.)

I managed to cull out several books, including many old romances I know I'm not going to read anymore, some duplicates I accidentally re-purchased at the VNSA sale, some CDs (many unsolicited "for media purposes only"), and those got picked up by a VNSA volunteer this morning - the office is starting to look somewhat better. I was able to clear out some space in the craft closet and put away the plastic knitting drawer and the bead boxes, so the living room looks better, too.

Next week, I hope we can buy our chairs; or at least one of them, depending on how the coupon and CostCo works. I think.

I remembered more stuff for my "I need to buy this" list, but of course I've forgotten again. Dang it. I mean, seriously, how brain-dead can I get? I seem to forget things almost the moment I think of them. Oh! Tires. Truck needs tires, badly. (Not to mention some general cosmetic maintenance, including fixing the inside driver's door, where a screw fell out and now it can't lock, and if you open/close the door without closing the window tight, it'll slip off its runners.) But then, she's going to be 20 years old next year, with over 200,000 miles - even for a Chevy, I think that's about 100, in truck-years.

I got another rejection slip. Heigh-ho, to the next agent it goes. (In an interesting slipup, and adding to my general stupidity, I apparently forgot to PUT A STAMP on my SASE. But since my name was in both the "to" and "from" spots, it got here anyway, I guess, returned for postage. A bit embarrassing. The agent probably thought I was a moron.)