May 31st, 2007

Halloween Cat

Mixed-Up Confusion

Why do things like this happen?

Normally I stay happily ignorant of such things, but if many of my friends (including my lifemate) leave LJ, there's no point to me staying, but I... well, I like it here. I like icons. I don't like MySpace, it's cluttered and covered with blinking and flashing ads, and it's hard to customize (although, oddly, I have more "friends" on MySpace - but a lot of them are artists I review, and no one there talks to me, either). I suppose I could follow to another site, I really haven't looked at any other blogging sites.

Change sucks.

But on the other hand, shipperx has a point.

Now I'm all depressed. Wah.

Feeling sorry for myself. Blah.

At least I finished all my reviews. And tomorrow is Friday.
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