May 26th, 2007

Halloween Cat

I Won't Mention It Again

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We popped up this morning and I started a pot of beans (kidney and pinto) with salt pork, which are now simmering merrily away and smelling tasty. I'll make some corn bread to go with them and we'll probably eat just before we head out to see Pirates. Then we went over to CostCo to compare prices and see about an armchair - they sent out CostCo coupons yesterday which seem to indicate the chair we've been looking at (microfibre faux-suede, recliner/rocker, warm beige) will be on sale next month - in checking, it's a different chair, which is similar in color and fabric, but a little more expensive normally - however, cheaper with the coupon. SO, we'll wait for next month. So we bought a few other things, a little splurging but not TOO bad (I got Scrubs season five), and I spent less money on that than I would have on the chair, so I came out pretty well.

Then home to get some laundry done, I rearranged my shoes (it's really a sickness, shoes), and watch Lost.