May 24th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Never Turned My Back On You

I'm feeling blah. No real reason for it, just blah.

I carefully set the tape to record LOST last night and forgot that since Boston Legal wasn't on Tuesday, the cable box was not set to channel 15 (ABC). D'oh, and dang it! Thank goodness for downloads, although it's becoming more and more obvious there is a dire NEED for TiVo. It boils down to we haven't seen it yet, and my PLAN had been to come straight home and watch it right away. *sigh*

I've had odd miscellaneous and sundry ideas for posts come into my head a lot in the last several days, but never got around to posting any of them, so therefore I've forgotten most of them. Occasionally I get into a "why bother writing when no one's reading" sort of mood, which is really, when you think about it, patently ridiculous for a journal, which is supposed to be largely for one's own self - these online blogs have tilted that notion a bit, and like all writers I feel more validated when people read me. My friends list is small, but then, I don't have a wildly interesting blog.

But in the same category, the book is off to the next agent on the list.

And I have to write a review for a disc I just got yesterday, and it's a two-disc set.

I also really, really want (and need) to clean out this office. Preferably with a bulldozer. I can't find anything.

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I feel a vague sense of ennui.