April 29th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Women and Men

I feel the crankies coming on - those "no real reason, just cranky" feelings.

Last night I bought several books I didn't need - which was actually rather fun - and a lap desk I DID need, but tonight it's too hot to work much on the laptop, anyway. But while the bookstore was lots of fun and all, the rack of vampire romances and other cheap vampire fiction is preying on my mind with a great big neon sign that says, "ha ha!" [/Nelson] For some reason I remain unpublished. Of course, right at the moment I'm at a stall just because I don't want to send out a package with a SASE that will have soon-to-be-expired postage on it; also, lack of printer. I also need to get in gear and adjust my first fifty pages into actual chapters for the next submission.

But I haven't been completely lazy. I managed to get the house vacuumed today, and cleared away some minor clutter, while adding some (including the book, "10-Minute Clutter Control" I always said I wouldn't get a book to tell me how to clear up clutter, yet I did...). Additional clutter includes a lovely new statue of Kuan Yin and a new Manaki Neko, just 'cause.

It is getting to the "deeply hot" portion of the year. In April. Sigh. (That probably has something to do with the crankies - I hate not being able to do things with my hands because I feel all sweaty.)

ETA: Oh, and I CAN'T FIND ANY OF MY TAPESTRY NEEDLES!!!! Dang it all! I can't finish that shrug I crocheted without them! (And yes, it's too hot to crochet, but I want to finish, anyway.)