April 27th, 2007

Halloween Cat

European Swallow

Oy, I skip LJ for just one night and everyone I read posts at least once, if not twice or multiple times! I didn't log on anything last night because I made beef stew for dinner (which came out well), then baked a cake for today's B-day party at work (French vanilla cake with coconut-cream ganache filling) - there are TWO, count them, TWO females in my unit who don't like chocolate!!! Are they mutants? What is wrong with this world?

One fellow who claims he "doesn't care for sweets" usually brings bagels which amount to all sweet ones (cinnamon, blueberry, etc.) with all sweet blend cream cheeses (honey almond, maple sugar, etc.). So I, who like savory bagels, arrived this morning with a nice combination of sweet & savory, with at least one savory cream cheese. Unfortunately, he'd gotten there earlier with the sweet stuff again, so most people had already had their bagels. At least I got my seeded bagel with chive-and-herb cheese on it... (Plus, he usually brings Einstein Bros. round bread, while I trucked out to Bruegger's for the Real Thing - and got an extra dozen for us at home, too.)

Until today, I hadn't heard they cancelled Drive. Dang it. Tim Minnear is cursed, I suppose. Why can't quirky little shows gain an audience fast enough to please TV execs? Oh, well.

And in keeping with the current trends, I present my Daemon:

I need to read the books, now. I keep MEANING to...

Currently I'm reading The Laughing Jesus, which, while a little over-the-top ranty in some places (which I can acknowledge even if I agree with the authors), is, so far, a fairly interesting tear-down of the historical inaccuracies in the Old Testament, working up to the New.

Has been a quick week. Once again I'm wasting time on LJ when I should be finishing up a review - fortunately, it's mostly written, just needs a little extra, some polish, and spellcheck, then it will be off. Dale Watson is one of my personal favorites, so reviewing his new work is quite easy. I have been having the feeling that the person who runs the About.com page for country music (or the country music page for About.com, is more accurate) is also starting to lose interest - she's not been riding roughshod on us like usual lately, and she's been forgetting assignments (which has been fine with me, really, although one of them I promised the artist I'd do - and it's pretty good, just... you know, meh). Anyway, work has been decent, things are moving along swimmingly.

I lost another few pounds! I was 155 at the doctor's office this morning (just getting a renewal of my allergy prescription). Dance the dance of joy! Then I ate bagels for breakfast and pizza and cake for lunch, but what the hey.

rahirah and I entered the last half of the 20th Century at last - we caved and got cell phones. Now I have to figure out all its nifty little functions, like how in the world do you put real songs on there for ringtones? (Not that anyone ever calls me, but hey, the girl who sits in the cubicle across from me has "White and Nerdy" playing on hers, and our Team Leader's phone plays "It's a Small World.")

Tomorrow I hit the spa first thing and then yoga. What a relaxed, somewhat enlightened soul I'm turning into!

Oh, today the nurse practitioner who checked me in said, "Age?" and I replied, "42," and she said, "32?" Cool, huh?