April 7th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Uncle John's Band

I haven't posted since Tuesday. Let's see, what has happened in my life?

Hmmmm.... nothing. Nada. Nothing there.

Okay, there was some good TV this week. House and Boston Legal were particularly enjoyable (whoever the writer was who came up with the idea of splicing in scenes from 1957's The Defenders just totally rocks), and so was Lost. Go Hurley! Scrubs, that little sitcom that could, has been once again deeply moving, making me laugh and cry at very nearly the same time.

I want real bagels. Why are the only good bagel shops in Phoenix not actually IN Phoenix? (They are in Chandler, Gilbert, and Tempe.) I don't count Chompie's - they're okay, but the last few times I've had them, they are less New York and more of that round bread with a hole in the center like the grocery stores sell - largely because we generally only get the packages of Chompie's that are sold in the grocery stores. I want a real, hard-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside, can-use-as-a-spare bagel, like the Hot Bagel Bakery used to make. I found a place online that sells them, straight from New York, but working out the cost disturbs me (.80 per bagel is an all right price, but orders must be for no less than a dozen, and they recommend overnight FedEx shipping for freshness... I want bagels, but I'm not sure I want them THAT much. Yet).

My Coke Rewards to date: Retractable ear buds, an Alan Schwartz evening gown, a SpaFinder gift certificate (will pay for my next body wrap), and an Adidas gift certificate (bought a very nice exercise bra-top). I can't say drinking so much Diet Coke is a bad thing. *g* Of course, I have to thank sillymagpie for giving me all HER points, too.

In reading Doctor Eight novels, I'm finding I really like his companions. I may need to get a few more of 'em, find out how Fitz ended up on the TARDIS. If they're at all canonical, then events in Halflife are pretty interesting...

I'm miles behind in everything. I don't know where time is going....

Oh, yes. I really enjoyed Collapse )