April 3rd, 2007

Halloween Cat


So what happens when all your personal portents for good luck and good things turn out to bring nothing but bad? Phooey. Sunday was a good day. I saw a raven. I found pennies and picked them up.

Then I chose to go to bed early (I was tired) instead of going out to Scottsdale to see Dave Insley play. Sunday night, I thought, dentist appointment Monday morning. So I was good. I went to bed. The cats kept me up most of the night. I should have gone to the bar.

Then. I had hopes that it was only my new filling which was the problem - no, that's too easy. I need a root canal. Dental assistant tried to give me a heart attack by first running the charges without insurance. Yikes!!! No way I can afford that!!! Oh, wait, here's the problem. Yes, that's much better. Now I can afford it, but it means continued poverty through more of the month of April.

Okay, that really was the worst thing that happened yesterday, but really. Albertson's had Coke on sale, 4 12 packs for $10, and naturally by Monday morning they are completely sold out of Diet Coke with Lime. When is the Coca Cola Company going to notice that Lime ALWAYS sells out completely during these promotions while the "Diet Coke with Splenda" sits completely stocked on the shelf? This happens at EVERY STORE. Seems to me it's obvious which one the customer wants more of.

I had to work late because once again I wonder what it is my workmates DO all morning, since they always have mail left when I am completely finished - and because of my dentist appointment, I got in late, even. Sheesh.

Now after three nights of cats keeping me up, I wonder why I keep the beasts around.

And in the end, GIP.
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