March 26th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Bottom of the Bay

I know better than to whimper when receiving a rejection, but still... *whimper*

Naturally this sinks me into gloom, which I assume is temporary. But it's when the gloom comes that all the little bad things rise up and circle one and seem much worse than they did. Woe! Woe is I!

And my browser has been working really sporadically, making cruising around on the Intrawebs while brooding and feeling sorry for myself more difficult. Phoo, says I. And it's a few weeks until my next spa appointment (I kinda got addicted to spas in Vegas, but obviously waiting six months between visits was getting to be too long to wait); largely because after the wild spending spree of the last several weeks, it's now time to be frugal.

The worst thing about the glooms is it makes me want to eat everything in sight. Hundred-calorie packs are good, until you eat four of 'em. *g*

On the more cheerful side, it's only five days until Season 3 of Doctor Who starts...