March 18th, 2007

Halloween Cat

That Girl is a Cowboy

Spam received by me:

Greetings, zach krauter Sintoist unrepellent
I forgive him his mistakes. I found the book interesting.
Are you annoyed with having high quotes? Flamandize lucivee
Start the action of moving from a big to a small quote asap. carbanil Plusia
I found the box empty. I fried an egg.
I get the TV repaired. I get the watch fixed.
Negative files aren't a issue. You have already been qualified. perviously glossless
I give him a book. I got the watch fixed.
Thanks, throatband weedful
Dorian Hilton cacomorphia outbowed
I grant him his wish. disannulment

I don't know what it means, but there's something very... existentialist about it, somehow.

Uneventful weekend. I got up early yesterday and went to have a workout while Barb waited for the guy to come and fix her car window (someone or something broke it while she was at work Friday), then we went shopping with her mom, went to Costco, then came home and prepared a pot of corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes while watching The Quiet Man, my favorite St. Pat's movie.

Today I slept late, and have done almost nothing useful except go through some posts making commentary for a writer's group I belong to, then tried to do a little actual writing myself while watching movies and, alas, eating like a... well, like a human with a serious eating disorder. But it's hard to resist that cake. Good thing it's almost gone. Weekends are entirely too short.
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