March 8th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Voice Inside My Head

Interview this morning. Aieeee! I waver from terrified anxiety to relaxed, "this job is mine!" mental stability.

I hate auditions. Just give me the part, I can play it.
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Halloween Cat

Arkansas Chrome

I think it went well. At least, I feel good about it - I went in lookin' sharp in my brown pinstriped suit (wearing brown pumps, not my Converse hightops... I wore those later with said suit) and lace top, I answered all the questions, I think I said "um" too much, but I liked talking to the two who interviewed me and, well, we'll see. At least when interviewing within your own company, the worst that can happen is I stay where I am - and since my job isn't horrible, that's not too bad.

I come away fairly confident, although a little spooked about the possibility of actually getting it - I would move from my comfy, mindless everyday grind of same-old, same-old, to that of the position they've grandiously titled, "Zone Marketing Assistant," which basically means the personal secretary to the head of Marketing and part of Public Affairs, responsible for all manner of "we don't know what's going to happen today, handle it!" items, including budget spreadsheets and organizing Zone events. I think I can do it. It skeers me, but I think I could do a good job at it.

I should be writing reviews. They are due tomorrow, and I've been bawled out for turning them in late several times in the last few months. *sigh* These are pretty good discs, too. (Billy Joe Shaver's Greatest Hits and Johnny Bush's Kashmere Garden Mud.) When I set down to write I came out pretty strong, got a few paragraphs done, then went to eat dinner and dried up like autumn leaves.

I also have until THURSDAY to finish reading through the Insurance manual and see if I can pass the stupid test. THURSDAY. Yikes again. Why do I do these things to myself? Why am I wasting time on LJ when I should be writing? Because my tummy hurts? (Not so much anxiety as TOTM - the women here should know what that stands for.) And what am I planning on doing Saturday? Eating dim sum and going to Ikea.

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I'm a little tired, but tomorrow is Friday. I shall relax.

Today I crammed myself into one pair of "don't quite fit yet" pants. I can't button them yet, but I can PULL THEM ON. This is encouraging.