February 25th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Ride Me Down Easy

Wow, I haven't posted since Monday. I knew it had been one of those weeks.

It was busy all week because our main lead worker was out all week sick, so I was default "answerer of stupid questions" and go-to person, handling not only my own work but everything else that popped up. Which was good, because it meant I stayed busy all the time every day - no thumb-twiddling time - yet somehow it was STILL a very long week! Among the good things that happened during the week was that my credit consolidation company called and they have FINALLY reached a settlement with recalcitrant Capital One, and I should be officially Out of Debt in the next few weeks! I also was given a push to actually apply for another position - one at the same level of pay, but with FAR more opportunities for advancement - in the Marketing department. I hadn't really planned on seeking other positions outside of Administrative Services, but the job opening appeared and several people said I should go for it, so... I did. Have no idea if I'll be selected, but I took the leap!

Yesterday rahirah and I took our somewhat delayed Valentine's trip out to the Renaissance Festival, and we had so much fun we want to go back with the gang when they go next month. As I prowled the many artisan displays, it occurred to me that I am now both thin enough and girly enough to want to wear something like this or this; but everything I really liked was WAY too expensive for me to buy right now - that and I know one of the best costumers in the universe personally (tiirz), and I thought, "Well, I could commission her to make me one exactly to my specs, and that way I'd be spending that kind of money for the exact item I want, made just for me." but I did buy some pretty copper-gold-silver wire rings and a "Pirates" Aztec gold coin (let's face it, I've wanted one of those since the first movie came out), had a mighty turkey leg, saw some funny shows, and in general had a good time.

We also talked to the artist who made our matching wedding rings set, lovely sterling silver puzzle rings - because, of course, mine hasn't fit on any of my fingers since about fifty pounds ago (it traveled from my left ring finger to my middle finger to my index finger to the right hand, and now resides in a box). When you talk to him in person, he'll do a trade-in on rings, but he was one heck of a salesman and talked us into upgrading to gold - in order to get matching rings, we have to trade in Barb's, too, since we bought them so long ago. That's one reason why we DO have to go back again, once we decide how much we can afford to spend on the upgrade. Since we don't have the original price we paid (we think it was around $90 on each ring), he's only willing to give us $70 per ring on the trade - and we're not sure right now how much we'll be able to spend.

Oh, yes, I also finally bought the hand-woven poncho/cape (in "Shady Grove") I've been wanting since the last time we went to the Ren Faire, many years ago. It was expensive, but this was something I KNEW I'd wanted for some time; besides, it was actually pretty chilly out there (the Ren Faire in Arizona is way out in the desert, near the mountains, a good ways away from the city) when the wind kicked up. But the sun was warm, and it was really a good day.

I overdid my workout on Thursday and so was sore on Friday and a little of Saturday; Friday night I went out to see Dave Insley (and congratulate him on the birth of his first-born, a daughter they've named Samantha Rae), had a good time, danced a little (I was a little awkward on sore thighs), and so came home rather late (2:30); we got up at 9 to head out to the Faire, so I went down a little early last night.

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And so that was my week and weekend. Today we have to make a few quick out ventures, for basic necessities (like milk), and we have to figure out how to put the pipe back under the sink - you see, yesterday I dropped an earring down the sink, and it was a good Egyptian silver Eye of Horus my mother bought me from an Egypt exhibit that I didn't want to lose, so we pulled the trap with the help of edgedancer, and now we can't put it back. I know he's working today but I'm tempted to call him and ask if he's got a few minutes to swing by and do what he did before, just in reverse... *g* It's either that or we're gonna have to call a plumber.

Of course, having spent the day in the trap, the silver now has a dark cast to it and doesn't match its mate anymore, so I have to have it professionally cleaned, I think. Ew.